Portrait of Catherine Howard, the fifth wife of King Henry VIII by Hans Holbein

Portrait of Catherine Howard, the fifth wife of King Henry VIII by Hans Holbein

Katharine Howard – the fifth wife of King Henry VIII. Kaznena on charges of adultery. Descended from the noblest kind of Howards. After the death of her mother, Lady Kate was given up to raise Agnes, her father’s stepmother. In the house of this elderly relative Kate did not get a good education, but early acquired the skills “in love science”, which contributed to the prevailing atmosphere in the house of debauchery. Sir Thomas Howard, the Duke of Norfolk, has attached his niece to the court. By that time, King Henry had divorced his fourth wife, Anna Cleves, and was already looking after

her fifth wife. Young Kate took a liking to the king that she did not escape the enterprising Howard. The marriage was concluded. Henry was very happy in this marriage.

The king adored his wife, called her “a rose without thorns,” because she had a kind, simple-hearted character, as the child was pleased with the gifts. However, the young queen was too careless in her actions and connections, took to the court all her “friends of youth,” had a relationship with the king’s page.

This circumstance was taken advantage of by enemies of Thomas Howard, the powerful uncle of the queen. The king was told of his wife’s infidelity. There was a strict inquiry. The king was in despair, but, not concealing his tears, had to give orders to imprison his young wife in the Tower. Soon, in front of a curious crowd, she was executed. Here Katarina is depicted as a strict, dignified, real wife of the king. Do not see the free temper of a young woman. Perhaps this was due to strict clothing, a modest portrait color.

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