Portrait of King Henry VIII by Hans Holbein

Portrait of King Henry VIII by Hans Holbein

On the portrait of King Henry VIII, we see a clever, powerful, confident man, not devoid of charm, gloss and charm. His eyes read cold calculation, and tightly compressed small lips speak of iron will and intolerance.

So King Henry VIII was in life, but we do not remember it for that. World glory to King Henry VIII brought not so much his political and military successes and failures, as his family life and his six unhappy wives. In particular, the famous Anna Boleyn, previously passionately loved and inaccessible, and then mercilessly executed by her crowned husband. The king executed his fifth wife, the beautiful Kate Howard, and we also tell all the wives in detail.

You can tell a lot and interesting about the picturesque features of the outstanding work of art – a portrait of Henry VIII, executed by the court painter of the King Hans Holbein the Younger in 1540. At this time, Holbein is already famous, an outstanding portraitist of the Northern Renaissance, who knows not only the resemblance to the original, give the most accurate psychological characteristics.

Brilliantly possessing technical techniques in various genres and techniques, the artist was able to convey the lightest transparent fabrics and heavy velvet, brocade and expensive furs, precious stones and massive gold chains, carefully writing out embroidery, lace and many other accessories of the royal royal dressing room. All these accessories are necessary for the artist to show the social status of the person depicted.

But the world glory to the artist Holbein was brought not by these details, but by the precise psychological characterization of the model, which penetrates into the innermost corners. In the world there are not so many artists of such a level as Titian and Rembrandt who created their full psychologism and drama portraits. Along with them, Holbein the Younger was, in essence, the pioneer in the truly divine penetration into the essence of the human soul.

Henry VIII was the youngest son of Henry VII, the first king of the Tudor family. His elder brother, Prince Arthur, was a sickly and sick man. In November 1501, he married Aragonese Princess Catherine, but could not perform marital duties and died in April 1502 ….

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