Winter landscape by Igor Grabar

Winter is the coldest season in the year. But if you do not take into account this shortcoming, it becomes the most amazing. How much light, purity, freshness there are

Ryabinka by Igor Grabar

Another poetic aspect of Russian nature is the autumn landscapes. There is an opinion that the fall on the canvas, as well as the sunset, is very difficult to spoil

A clear autumn evening by Igor Grabar

Igor Emmanuilovich Grabar known in the history of Russian art as a remarkable painter, museum figure, an outstanding teacher and architect. Each of his work emits positive energy and creative

Sunflowers by Igor Grabar

Summer day, modest, soft nature, the sky is covered with white clouds, through which blue patches can be seen. To the left, thin birch trees huddle together, and in the

March snow by Igor Grabar

A talented artist, a prominent art historian, restorer and educator, Igor Grabar, regarded painting a little from the scientific side, studiously studying new techniques and curious methods. His fascination with

February azure by Igor Grabar

Winter landscape – a favorite plot of any Russian artist, and Igor Grabar was no exception. His winter is easy, free, calm. Contemplative beauty is different and “February Azure.” Very

Forge by Igor Grabar

The plot of the village life: a peasant house, a smithy, a stable, or, perhaps, a stable. A wooden board fence separates from the road a garden with young, thin

Unattached table by Igor Grabar

A prominent art historian, restorer and teacher, Igor Grabar was an artist who was not afraid to learn and experiment. Still Life The “untidy table” was the creative result of

Rowan by Igor Grabar

The painting “Rowkins” by Igor Grabar was written in 1924, the researchers of the artist’s work refer to it to the late period of his work. After fourteen years of

Chrysanthemums by Igor Grabar

The connection of “floral” and “tea” still-lifes with all their textured, color and light features took place in the picture “Chrysanthemum.” “I have long been getting to chrysanthemums, and good

On the lake by Igor Grabar

Even before the Great October Socialist Revolution, IE Grabar was among the painters whose work determined the face of Russian art of the pre-revolutionary era. Even then they were painted

Balustrade by Igor Grabar

The fourth exhibition of paintings “World of Art”, held in 1902 first in St. Petersburg and then in Moscow, brought Igor Emmanuilovich Grabar not just recognition, but a stunning success,