Chrysanthemums by Igor Grabar

Chrysanthemums by Igor Grabar

The connection of “floral” and “tea” still-lifes with all their textured, color and light features took place in the picture “Chrysanthemum.” “I have long been getting to chrysanthemums, and good specimens of this flower quickened the appearance of the picture,” Grabar wrote.

Indeed, the canvas depicts luxurious gold flowers, specially chosen from the famous Moscow merchant Noeva. In the picture there is light, differently embodied in each subject, – in crystal, from which only the faces remained, in the powerfully reflecting porcelain plates, in the petals

of flowers fluttering in the light stream and in the tablecloth almost in the reflexes, on which all this celebration. For this picture, Grabar received from the collector Vladimir Hirschman a sum that he had not yet received for his works.

From the monograph by N. Egorova. The artist has achieved a complete understanding of the dependence of the color and shape of the object on the illumination and the state of the atmosphere. Each corner of the interior in the painting “Chrysanthemums” imbued with rays of light, under the influence of which the canvas turns into a precious flickering surface. All colors are carefully designed. Yellow flowers are depicted in natural daylight. A few accents of blue, green and yellow and all gradations of additional tones created by moving, energetic strokes, constitute a harmonious colorful scale.

Correctly chosen for strength and tone colorful strokes, carefully and accurately applied by accurate strokes of the brush, simulate the pattern, helping to create an impression of the integrity of the composition, creating an atmosphere of stability and peace. According to one of the critics, in “Chrysanthemums” “the manner of decomposing paints achieves a high striking synthesis.”

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