Combat of Jacob with an Angel by Eugene Delacroix

Combat of Jacob with an Angel by Eugene Delacroix

The last decades of his life, Delacroix has dealt with the fulfillment of official orders. So, for the Luxembourg Palace in Paris, the artist created a series of ceiling paintings – one of them). This required special skill, but Delacroix liked this work.

“Small paintings are getting on my nerves,” he declared, “and the large canvases written at the easel in the studio are not any better than them.” Huge spaces of walls and ceilings gave the artist the opportunity to experiment with very complex compositions.

With the greatest brilliance, his skill manifested itself in

the late frescoes painted for the church of Saint-Sulpice. Typically, Delacroix attracted assistants to work, although most of the work was always his share. In some cases, he painted pictures on canvas, and then installed them in place. But more often the artist worked directly on wet plaster.

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