The Entombment by Caravaggio

The Entombment by Caravaggio

The darkness, the come throughout all the land, parts before the tragic action: five put in a stone tomb of the sixth – Christ. The Apostle John and the elder Nicodemus barely hold in his arms the body of his Master’s Descent from the Cross.

John tripped his knee and his hand cupped Jesus, clumsily putting his fingers into the wound from the spear. Nicodemus also came on the whole weight of the dead body of the Saviour – swollen veins in the legs of the voltage, the elder is looking towards the viewer and sends us like a burden.

The edge of the gravestone and the elbow of Nicodemus tangibly present “for the canvas”, they are about to “break through” the space. Caravaggio’s masterpiece The composition is flawless – a pyramid of six figures starts from the upper right to throw up hands to heaven of Mary, past the bowed head of Mary Magdalene, the figure of the Virgin Mary and then to Nicodemus and John, and completes all of the hand of Christ. In this case all of the illuminated figures form a regular oval.

In the picture, no cries, no tears, all the participants of the funeral procession in deep and quiet sadness farewell with Christ forever. But soon they shall see the Master Resurrection will see eternal life. Light conquer darkness. Death will be trampled down death for the sake of man’s salvation.

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