The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse by Vladislav Provotorov

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse In 1985-1993. Provotorov wrote an unprecedented series of paintings on the themes of the Last Judgment. The world “was created once, and it will have one end.” “E Lamb took off the first of the seven seals. – Go and see.” One after another, four horsemen descend to the earth from the sky: white, red, black and pale.

Each of them must fulfill his mission in the historical time allotted to her and corresponds on earth to certain individuals vested with power. In the hand of the first bow, at the second-the sword, the third holds the scales, and the fourth rider-Death-gloom glare braid.

The colors of horsemen, horses, attributes and postures in Provotorov seemed to have concentrated the richest experience of facial apocalypses of the XV-XIX centuries Exhibited in the same year in the basement of the Little Georgian, this picture created a real sensation. The impression was that Someone turned on an invisible countdown.

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