Fresh wind by Nikolai Romadin

Fresh wind by Nikolai Romadin

Romadin possesses a genuine sense of nature, he is a true landscape painter. But not every painter can be a landscape painter, although each artist in one way or another depicts nature.

In this regard, I would like to quote the words of the famous Soviet artist S. A. Chuikov, who writes: “It seems to me that landscape as a work of art not every painter can write that this requires a special talent… a real landscape painter not only sees, but he finds out with excitement he finds out this or that phenomenon and state of nature, and it is the state, and not only the outward appearance of nature, that is the subject of study, observation, and comprehension of the artist.

In a landscape painter with nature, there is probably an intimate conversation in a language that only they can understand. In the phenomenon of nature, the landscape painter sees his hidden meaning, he feels, understands the “soul” of nature, and understands everything in his own way. “

The said Chuikov can be fully attributed to the landscape painter Nikolai Mikhailovich Romadin. He knows how to carry on a conversation with nature, knows how to comprehend its secrets, to catch its subtlest states, in a word, he is able to notice and transmit what escapes many. Hence the inner wealth and inner significance of his canvases, the diversity of their moods, their emotional expressiveness.

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