A Sunday on La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat

A Sunday on La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat

Above this work of art, the artist worked exactly two years, not once arriving at La Grande Jatte and one morning carrying on the shore, with his back to the bridge Kurbvua, he painted a Sunday crowd of people who walked in the shade of trees.

What would be better to remember the terrain, poses and arrangement of characters to clarify the choice of parts master did a lot of sketches, so then select the more successful elements of his paintings. He analyzed everything: the dosage of local colors and light colors and effects are obtained when they are exposed to. And I sketched all the others, those that attracted his attention, and those whose

figures were inanimate.

As a result, the work pattern is named “Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte” and in addition to the landscape, where there are trees and the river, the artist manages to put more than thirty characters. Among them was a lady standing with an umbrella, and a man in a military uniform, and a woman with a fishing rod, and many children who frolic and a monkey on a leash and even dog that sniffs the grass, with his tail.

Already working in the studio, the master assigns kroketony, and decides which characters will be present on the canvas, and which will need to discard or draw in the background. Sera seriously to the choice and the composition includes images only after the ideal combinations thereof.

To work the artist begins with a landscape without people walking, but with the river, with trees, with sunny and shady areas, with two ships and sailing boat. And only then proceed to the actors of this painting. He in turn embodies them and gives them a share of irony, emphasizing the fun features of the cold craftiness. Only Seurat of all the Impressionists is not afraid to pass to the web monitoring, which betrays a sense of humor.

In the picture we see the figure of Seurat places using and adhering composite lines, geometric accuracy verified horizontals, verticals and diagonals. Splits visual vertical picture of a woman who is holding the girl’s hand and serves the central figure here. Equilibrate composition two groups on the left and right on the one hand three people in their drawn positions, facing the other couple.

The picture painted by him invented a technique that is called puantilist simple words point. Due to this work appeared in such an unusual shape. Creating a picture, the artist uses a special color palette: blue indigo, titanium white, ultramarine, raw umber, yellow ocher and cadmium, burnt sienna, Winsor Yellow and red and black paint.

Looking at the big picture you can see the details of the so-called geometric transformation. All beach “La Grande Jatte” space and the populations are not personalities and animated characters, and the facial features, which differ only in the manner of behavior and dress. figure catches the eye, which is devoid of any individual characteristics and traits. A hat with ribbons gives us to understand that this is a nurse, and her image painted from the back is reduced to gray geometric figure, crowned with a red circle and a cut on his head a red stripe.

It attracts attention and a woman with a fishing rod, which is very sharply stands out against the blue water, thanks to an orange dress. Here the artist presents us with a dual meaning «perher» verb, that is French – “sin” and “catch”. That is why in front of us looms the image of a prostitute who allegedly “catch” men.

If you look at a girl with hair flying in the wind, which rides and dog in the foreground, we see the frozen shapes. Their movements are not a bit is added to the composition of the dynamics, and butterflies that fly, so do look pinned to the canvas.

In the foreground of the picture we can contemplate a fashionable couple, here there is a man who smokes a cigar and holding a hand under his modern woman, whose silhouette twisted lush ridges bustle. And again we see how Seurat gives us routine and everyday life, drawing in his hand the leash with a monkey. That it appears obvious symbol, because at that time, at the Paris jargon, it is often called monkeys prostitutes.

Sulfur, finishing painting, wrote an unusual frame, which would like to emphasize the intensity of the primary colors. After completing her of colored dots, he supplemented the basic color on the canvas, located near the border of the picture.

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