Saturn Devouring His Son by Francisko de Goya

Saturn Devouring His Son by Francisko de Goya

If we follow the usual interpretation, then the picture Francisco Goya depicts Chronos, the god of Greek mythology. Name Saturn belongs to the Roman era. This deity, following the prophecy, in which he predicted the overthrow of one of the offspring devour the children were still alive.

But the artist interprets the story in their own way.

The myths of Cronus ate babies, fully swaddled. Here we see that the heroes of the product completely exposed. The original painting was painted on the wall of the house of Francisco Goya, but a few years later it moved already on the canvas.

The background of the product is black, symbolizing

the emptiness that comes at the time of each death. God reminds the hungry old man: his limbs are dry and stringy. Skin color is more suitable for being patient.

Eyes of Saturn show, so to speak, the last degree of madness. Just a little, and they rolled onto the bridge of the nose. Complementing this feeling and disheveled hair, flowing down dry ears. God opened his mouth wide as if trying to push at a time into his mouth as much as possible.

Some researchers say that the way the artist has shown the relationship between open-end wrench Saturn and the gates to hell, where one of his other children disappear.

Firmly clutching hands, the god holds the remainder of the body of one of the siblings. On the sides of the deceased red spots visible. Saturn is so strongly clung claws into the flesh of the child, that it made the blood. Francisco Goya captures the moment when the head has already disappeared into the bowels of the body cannibal, and God went on to devouring a baby hand.

The artist, using dark tones, successfully conveyed the feeling of horror that could arise from involuntary spectator with a similar action. None brighter colors, except for the red, was not used in the product.

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