Water Lilies by Claude Monet

Water Lilies by Claude Monet

Lilies and water lilies by Monet especially liked in the late period of creativity. Throughout his life, Monet took the natural beauty of his paintings from the outside. Now, however, he does it himself – he settled in Giverny, he creates his own pond, where the water spreads delightful flowers to capture them on his canvases.

Initially, he, as usual, wrote the pond with flowers in the open air, then moved to the paintings especially large sizes, but will soon, according to the artist, a real beauty from the gaze elude start the wizard. It was then that Monet returned to the studio to write a painfully familiar landscape from memory.

So there was a delightful series of paintings “Water Lilies” and presented the work of one of a variety of rich galaxy of embodying this story.

The work in the studio has paid off – the picture is filled with warmth and a real embodiment intertwined with abstraction shares. In the usual manner of the late author’s creativity breaks edges landscape painting, abandoning the perspective and horizon.

Sam Pond casts fabulous blue-turquoise color. This visible surface of large rounded leaves of lilies, which differ only in the outlines, but a subtle reflection of the sky. Special web give depth vertical wavy green lines that embody the algae, stood out on the surface. How lonely lovely pearl lights look out from a mysterious green pond delicate pink and white lilies, grabbing the viewer’s attention completely.

Today critics claim that his works dedicated to water colors, Monet was able to erase the boundaries between realism, impressionism and abstraction, harmoniously combining them in a single fabric.

In recent years, the life of a Monet water lilies and lily wrote. In her cozy workshop, he recreated all the same story in different variations, finding new nuances, halftones and techniques. From this fascinating lesson and distracted his death.

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