View of the Cathedral of San Marco by Antonio Canaletto

View of the Cathedral of San Marco by Antonio Canaletto

This square is the heart of Venice. Its form is formed by the cathedral of San Marco and the Doge’s Palace. It was here that throughout the centuries, all solemn acts unfolded. The business life was boiling on the square, it was a favorite place for walks of the Venetians and visitors of the city.

On the sun-drenched stones children played noisily, and between them, round eyes from admiration, tourists from all over Europe wandered. Area San Marco Canaletto wrote countless times – from all angles, points and directions. Vedta “View of the Cathedral of San Marco” – a vivid example from this series.

In other landscapes Canaletto portrayed the same buildings under different, sometimes unexpected, corners, from different points of the square. In his old age, the artist liked to “portray” the St. Mark’s Square from below, through the shady arches that create an amazing panorama.

In these numerous paintings, the artist, seeking a beautiful harmony, skillfully combined topographical copying with intentional distortions. Often he combined in one work two or several “different” images.

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