Venera with organist and cupid by Titian Vecellio

Venera with organist and cupid by Titian Vecellio

“Beinera with an organist and Cupid” was created by Titian in his second visit to Augsburg. In this picture, the artist turned to his favorite topic. Venus is a symbol of carnal love for him. The first of Titian’s Venus was Venus Urbinskaya, now in the Uffizi Gallery. Later, he connects the theme of love with the theme of music.

In the picture, the organist’s hands touch the keys, but the whole look is directed towards Venus. It is obvious that the visual perception of beauty Titian aesthetically connects with the musical sound, the picture is imbued with inner musicality. Her composition

is based on a rhythmic comparison of horizontal and vertical elements: a horizontal bed and a beautiful woman lying on it, and verticals of organ pipes that gradually turn into vertical trees stretching into the distance of the landscape.

The whole picture sounds like a hymn to the full-blooded sensuality of earthly life. Coloristically, it is solved by contrasting red-brown and transparent greenish-yellow tones with truly Titian’s picturesque generosity. In the very theme of this work is hidden some grin intended for the customer of the picture.

The fact is that Charles V and his son, the future Spanish King Philip II, declared themselves “defenders of the faith”, and in Spain the image of a naked female body was under strict prohibition. However, they willingly ordered Titian pictures on a very frivolous topic.

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