Umbrella by Francisco de Goya

Umbrella by Francisco de Goya

This canvas was created in the so-called era of tapestries – the time when Goya wrote more than 60 samples for making carpets. All of them are amazingly colorful and cheerful, filled with warm sunlight.

The picture “Umbrella” is an example of nothing clouded, abstract cloudless happiness. It was created for the second series of tapestries designed to decorate the dining room of the Prado Palace. The picture shows two – a young man, covering from the sun a large painted Chinese umbrella beautiful young lady.

The composition with two basic diagonals – an umbrella and a slanted thin tree – creates the desired effect of movement in a fairly static scene. These crossing diagonals are expertly emphasized by other elements of the composition – the movement of a lady’s hand with a fan, the direction of the wall in the background, the elbow of the gentleman, even the direction of the magnificent folds of the skirt.

The color scale of the canvas is very bright and cheerful. On the faces of the characters is a bright blush, which immediately evokes in memory associations with the paintings of Fragonard. This multicolor and juiciness of color distinguishes the entire series of canvases for tapestries against the background of Goya’s late paintings – dark, gloomy, depressed and strange.

In “Umbrella” everything emphasizes the joy of youth: a beautiful color dress of a couple, a landscape in the background, a bright blue sky, a luscious greenery, a smart umbrella, a small dog curled up in a ball on the lap of a lady.

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