Dog by Francisco de Goya

Dog by Francisco de Goya

Between 1820 and 1823, Goya decorated two large rooms of his house with a series of paintings, which later became known as “blacks” for their gloomy colors and themes, reminiscent of nightmares. These works have no analogues in the then painting. Some of them are written on religious, others on mythological subjects – as, for example, “Saturn devouring its own children.”

However, in the mass of this it is the tragic creations of the artist’s fantasy. These include the “Dog”, depicting a sand-strewn dog. These scenes are characterized by a brutal and bold manner

of writing; everything in them reminds us of the death and vainness of human life. “Black paintings” adorned the walls of the “House of the Deaf” until the 1870s, after which they were bought by Baron Emil Erlanger, a German banker and collector of painting.

The paintings were moved from the walls to the canvas and exhibited in 1878 in Paris. In 1881 they were donated to the Madrid Prado Museum.

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