The seller of ware by Francisco de Goya

The seller of ware by Francisco de Goya

The painting is written in a characteristic Goya expressive manner and filled with characters. She has a complicated multifaceted composition, which does not even allow you to immediately grasp the main motive of the image. First in the eye rushes a large carriage with liveried servants and a coachman. Brightly, even an elaborately dressed page struggles to cling to the straps of the carriage.

Inside, you can see a young richly dressed aristocrat looking out the window. Despite the fact that there are no horses on the canvas, the artist managed to transfer an active, impetuous movement – it seems that

the carriage is flying by the spectator. And just distracted from the passing carriage, you can consider other characters: the seller of the dishes, laid out his goods on the straw, women choosing products, podgulyavshego caballero in scarlet attire and powdered wig, leaning on the servant’s shoulder in the cocked hat.

It becomes clear that we are shown the market – a daily everyday scene full of life. Thanks to the skill of Goya, the canvas is filled with light and air, the colors look juicy and at the same time natural. Everything on it seems to live according to its own internal laws. This is a fragment of time, etched for ages.

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