Ukrainian landscape with huts by Vladimir Makovsky

Ukrainian landscape with huts by Vladimir Makovsky

Makovsky Vladimir Egorovich, besides the image of the peasants at their work or other occupation, was also famous for its landscapes. He loved nature, but even more he loved to portray it in simple villages. Witness is his canvas “Ukrainian landscape with huts.”

The whole work shows the wonderful beauty of the coastal village. In the distance, we see a blue sky, slightly crushed by white fluffy clouds and a large lake. The entire coastal zone is covered by a strip of green trees with spacious glades.

The foreground of the picture is a lawn overgrown with green grass. It is crossed by paths

trodden by people. The shadow that falls on the grass shows that large trees are growing nearby. But most of all the eye catches a few small, short, white-sided huts. Their roofs are covered with thatch, it was once a long time ago, and the walls are whitewashed. Their small windows look like eyes that look at you and directly sparkle with cleanliness, comfort and family places.

There are no fences near the houses, all people are friendly and pleasant to talk to. Everywhere there is an atmosphere of joy and carelessness. All work very hard, but no one complains, they try to smile more and enjoy the sunny day.

The picture is very sunny, bright, memorable, warmth and cosiness emanate from it.

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