The Ukrainian hut by Alexander Kiselev

The Ukrainian hut by Alexander Kiselev

In his painting “Ukrainian Hut” AA Kiselev depicts an originally rural landscape. In the center of the picture is a real Ukrainian hut, with thatched roof and whitewashed walls. On the side there is even a tiny little window. From the neighbors of the hut protects a wooden fence, woven from thick branches of trees. On the fence and near it lie small pieces of hay.

At the entrance to the hut is a woman-village, dressed in a white shirt with a red apron. Directly in front of it is an earthen path that leads to a small pond. For convenience, on the pond is a small homemade bridge, built of wooden

planks. Every morning a woman caresses clothes here.

True, the bridge is already old, so the little dots gradually began to diverge. It is clear that the pond is very clean water. He even reflects the grass that is near him, the village and the hut. In the pond, rushes grow and white lily flowers spread, spreading their leaves all over the surface of the water.

Near the pond runs a lot of chickens, which do not mind pinching green grass. The painting depicts the summer season, as indicated by the bright sun and lush greenery around. Above, the hut is covered with its branched paws, a tall massive tree, the top of which extends far upwards.

Behind the fence there is also a tall, but very dry tree. All this rural landscape is very harmoniously complemented by blue skies with a small white cloud, as if accidentally arisen in the sky.

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