The Prisoner by Vladimir Makovsky

The Prisoner by Vladimir Makovsky

In many of his paintings, the artist reflects the themes of the movement of the People in Russia. This work is directly related to the political struggle. It was painted in 1882.

Historians and critics consider Makovsky a realist, because he shows life, revealing the whole truth. In this picture, we see a person who has to serve his sentence for his highly social ideals, because he does not think in the way his rulers would like.

Makovsky does not pay much attention to small details, he focuses on building a common image of the main character. The look in the portrayed is clear and spiritual. Thin fingers of a hand are closed in the lock. The man is thinking. I imagine him adamant and purposeful, even the death sentence cannot break him, it seems to me that if he is executed, he will not give fear to his appearance, will defend his principles, even at the cost of losing his life. Of all the details that the artist depicted, we see only the face of the prisoner, everything else remains in the shadows.

Looking at the picture, we penetrate to the hero with warmth and sympathy. With some love, the artist portrays the main character, from here we can conclude that the liberation movements were close to him, and he unwittingly takes the side of the convict, stands up with the people, stands up against the revolutionary people of the People.

I certainly liked this piece. It is interesting to notice and reveal the small secrets of the artist. Indeed, in most cases, looking at his paintings, you can create not only an analysis of the work, but also a psychological portrait of the author himself. To reveal that he loves, silt and to what he treats with suspicion, from which he comes to delight or that disappoints him.

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