Trinity by Icon

Trinity by Icon

The icon accurately reproduces the iconography and decorative decoration of the miraculous image of the work of the Reverend Andrei Rublev. His famous salary is an independent work of the best Russian silver and goldsmiths, an outstanding monument of arts and crafts.

In the XIX century. icon-painting workshop of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, directed by Ivan Matveyevich Malyshev, began the mass production of icons that reproduce the venerated images. On them picturesque means recreated the texture and decoration of ancient monuments.

The value of this icon consists in masterfully reproducing the masterpiece

of ancient jewelers in the material. The coiner transfers all the minute details of the sumptuous salary to the gilded surface of the metal sheet. Crowns with crowns, tsats decorated with precious stones, engraved with blackening of the tomb with saints in the fields, rich baroque ornamentation are conveyed with surprisingly careful attitude to the original source.

On the lower end of the salary there is a carved inscription: “The icon of the Most Holy Trinity miraculous, local in Trinity Cathedral No. 3. Golden salary with stones and on the middle face Panagia, the contribution of Tsar Boris Feodorovich Godunov 1600 Three cents of gold. g. ” The picturesque image on a tree is executed by oil “under a salary” in the academic manner peculiar to “synodal period”. The Holy Trinity is celebrated seven weeks after Easter.

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