The murder of the Liege Archbishop by Eugene Delacroix

The murder of the Liege Archbishop by Eugene Delacroix

The painting was painted by the order of the young Duke of Orleans on the plot of Scott Walter “Quentin Durward”. In front of you is a huge stone hall in the castle of Bishop of Liège. The Ardennes boar, Count Guillaume de la Marque, seized this castle and feasted here with its bandits.

The flame of the candles fluctuates, and from the wind that penetrates through the cracks in the pointed windows, and from drunken breath and belligerent exclamations. There are a lot of them here – they eat fried meat and drink wine, they throw dice to dogs and wipe their hands on pants that are stained

with blood. Introduce the bishop. The murmur gets worse. Risen is ripped from him. His throat is cut – the murmur turns into an enthusiastic scream: the feast was a success. Beautiful story! This crowd, this dark passion, this murmur, these shadows that are rushing, this light that is fading away, then flares up, this excitement!

Delacroix concentrated the light in the center of the picture – on a set table and on the bishop’s vestments. And he concentrated the darkness in the foreground, in figures rushing to this world. These are not the sorcerers who came to bow to the savior – this is a drunken gang of the Ardennes boar.

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