Silence by Isaac Levitan

Silence by Isaac Levitan

During Levitan’s lifetime, contemporaries and art connoisseurs noted that the painting “Silence” was most clearly associated with musical works. In compositional terms, the canvas is a composed landscape. His creation was preceded by intense etude work, as a result of which the painter managed to achieve a generalized sense in conveying the mood of peace and peace that the summer night breathes, descending on a deep river and a small village frozen on a steep bank.

Elements of the composition have a clear internal correlation. The refined color range, in which the color of the whole picture is sustained, can be compared with the sound of a symphony orchestra, which perfectly performs a piece from the repertoire of classical music. Opinions about the work How difficult, complex and fraught with dangers was this way of using modern new trends, shows the picture “Silence”. Unlike most works of Levitan with their integrity, it gives the impression of some kind of duality.

Built on large patches of color in a generally interpreted grayish, twilight village in depth, leaden water and brown shores, the picture seems to be somewhat decorative and too harsh in its color range. She is…

From the monograph by A. A. Fedorov-Davydov Not widely known, the beautiful painting “Silence” is a masterpiece of a late period of creativity from the collection of the Russian State Museum. “See the cart – draw the cart, see the cow, draw as you see, try to convey what you feel, the mood that you create at the sight of one or another picture of nature.”

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