Twilight Stacks by Isaac Levitan

Twilight Stacks by Isaac Levitan

The last years of Levitan’s life were a transition from the image of rich colorful landscapes that fill the sun’s warmth and light, to more calm and peaceful sunset paintings. In them, the author tried to show the moment of sunset, to display the beauty of twilight, their mysterious charm.

It was a picture called “Twilight, Stacks”, which absorbed these features, was written by Levitan in 1899, its simplicity simply amazes its admirers. Everything is so simple and realistic that one gets the impression that it is not a canvas, but really twilight, which we can observe from the window of our bedroom in a house in the village.

The picture depicts a mowed field with haystacks, a blue distance, the ground covered with mist, which is gradually spreading between hayfields. The sky at the edge of the horizon is depicted in blue, but little by little it darkens, thus showing that the night is approaching. The upper part of the sky is golden in color, which reflects the last rays of the sun visible above the edge of the approaching darkness.

The sun sets, the stacks seem to freeze in anticipation of the night, there comes a calm and magical moment of twilight – a period when they meet day and night. This moment the artist, who not only conveyed the accuracy of this moment, but also put his heart, was able to catch and capture.

The most famous fans of the author called this picture so realistic that you don’t need to add anything. This is a real masterpiece of the last years of Levitan.

Thanks to the well-chosen color shades, the creator was able to convey all the naturalness of the moment depicted, as if he had photographed it in his soul and transferred it to paper.

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