What a space! by Ilya Repin

What a space! by Ilya Repin

The son and daughter of the artist are depicted in the high waves of the surf. As if past, not yet crucified souls – the personification of youth – are represented on the canvas. The fun and joy of life, overwhelming young people, is quite consistent with the state of nature surrounding nature raging with energy – the powerful waves of the surf, overwhelming 2 defenseless figures.

But they are smiling, laughing, they are not embarrassed by the cold water and bad weather. The girl holds the cap so that it is not carried away by the wind and hides her face from his gusts, the young man, on the contrary, opened his overcoat and seeks to meet the elements with all the strength of youth.

The feeling of victory over fear, will, open elements owns the viewer. The picture is written in “Penata”, far from the capital. So, the version about Repin’s foreboding of social movements and powerful thunderstorm whirling over Russia gives priority to the theme of the joy of life, its proximity to the natural world, the exultation of youth. From the picture breathes with happiness and warmth, as well as from all Repinsky portrait canvases dedicated to his family.

In the characteristic artist’s style of “love-enmity,” he expresses his attitude to the new generation. Romantic elation and joyful hopes for the youth – this is how the critic V. Stasov expressed the originality of the images of the young men and women.

The water element is masterfully depicted – greenish-transparent in the foreground, it turns into a severe blue in the back. Raising water spray and white foam water appears as a force, unrestrained and tireless. The Gulf of Finland and the Neva banks inspired the artist.

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