Studio Boat by Claude Monet

The founder of French impressionism, Claude Monet, his friend and colleague, whose surname differed by just one letter, Edouard Manet, shrewdly and precisely called “Raphael of the water.” Indeed, the

Spring by Claude Monet

Despite the fact that the French climate can be considered mild and the winter is relatively mild there, it still bothers with dampness and wetness. The heart yearns for spring,

Peach Can by Claude Monet

After the start of the Franco-Prussian War in 1870, Monet went to England, where he became acquainted with the works of John Constable and William Turner. In the spring of

Holland Tulips by Claude Monet

The writing of the painting “Tulips of Holland” was completed by Claude Monet in 1872, some time after his visit to Holland, which struck him with the beauty of its