Irises by Claude Monet

Claude Monet painted the picture “Irises” from 1914 to 1917. He was a true master of landscapes, an eminent impressionist. Quite often he went to work in the open air,

Dusk. Venice by Claude Monet

In 1908 and 1909, Monet traveled abroad to Venice,. The artist was fascinated by the magnificence of Venice, and this was reflected in a series of canvases, which, because of

Rouen Cathedral by Claude Monet

Only Monet could turn a huge mass of limestone into a pure vibration of light. Artists have previously written different variations of the same motive. But what makes Monet’s paintings

Windy day. Etretat by Claude Monet

In 1883-1886 Monet annually went on etudes in Etretat, a place on the coast of Normandy, which was famous for its powerful limestone rock arcades. Melbourne landscape, apparently, one of