Lot with daughters by Giovanni Francesco Gwerrieri

Lot with daughters by Giovanni Francesco Gwerrieri

The influence of Michelangelo Merisi and Caravaggio on European painting gave rise to a whole trend called “caravagism,” one of whose representatives was Gwerrieri. The painting depicts an episode of Lot’s life after he left Sodom, who was destroyed by God along with the inhabitants for the iniquities of those. The action takes place in a cave where the righteous settled with two daughters. One of the daughters brings a cup of wine to his father, the other gazes at what is happening.

The scene is snatched from the darkness by the lamp’s light. Caravaggio often resorted to the use of

magical lighting, often derived from an invisible and incomprehensible source. Followers of the artist, who adopted his reception of contrasting chiaroscuro, often depicted in the pictures a candle or, as in this case, a lamp. Therefore, if Caravaggio has an alarming mood on the canvases, many of the Caravaggists and Gwerrieri, among them, achieved exactly the opposite effect: the coziness, the warmth of the depicted one.

The feeling of mystery what is happening, which the plot demanded, fills this work.

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