Sick Child by Gabriel Metsu

Sick Child by Gabriel Metsu

Gabriel Metsu is one of the famous Dutch artists working in the household genre. He was born in Leiden, studied under G. Dow, worked in Leiden, where he became one of the founders of the painters workshop, and from 1655 he lived in Amsterdam.

Metsu’s work was influenced by the art of Rembrandt, which he used some light and white techniques in his practice, as well as the art of J. Vermeer and G. Terborch. In the 1660s, the heyday in the work of Metsu falls. He lovingly recreated the daily life of Dutch burghers, with a leisurely narrative, sometimes with affection, amazing humanity, revealed the images

of his characters, resorting mainly to warm colors and finely designed light and shade effects.

Such a vibrant and touching image was created by the artist in one of his most famous paintings, The Sick Child. Other famous works: “The Patient and the Doctor.” The 1660s Hermitage, St. Petersburg; “Poultryman”. 1662. Art Gallery, Dresden; “Breakfast”. 1660. Hermitage, St. Petersburg.

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