Le Moulin de la Galette by Auguste Renoir

Le Moulin de la Galette by Auguste Renoir

This is one of the most popular places of the late 19th century Paris. This flocked young and carefree people, and were attached to the fun: dancing, drinks, love. Balls were held not so often, but still a regular basis because it’s fun and became popular among the common class Parisians. That’s just one of those balls imprinted Renoir and did it so well that the painting was a success at the exhibition of the artist.

Innovation in this cloth is that it is performed in a very unusual style. Just do not think that the artist is not something paint and all, what is the spot. It is sunlight that penetrated the dance floor through the trees. Here it is what some of the first irritated and then passions subsided and everyone understood how it enlivens the picture.

One gets the impression that everything is moving: couples dancing, sitting at the table talking, smoking. But the most interesting thing in the film that some of its members are likely to specifically posed the artist, especially one of the dancing couples. Then only the camera – just entered the fashion and because more was not so popular, but artists have been selling like hot cakes.

And most likely Renoir wrote this canvas, being on this ball. But we must bear in mind that at that time the artist was no longer young, and therefore may be at it all and paid attention.

And by the way, sketches, he is almost never painted, that is worked immediately, without searching and reflection. It is certainly risky, because once you do not understand what you need to write, and what comes of it. But almost always it turned out great.

At least, this painting is among the ten best works of Renoir, and the auction is quite expensive.

And one more thing: thanks to Renoir can we know how to have fun young at the time. Balls – it’s the most wonderful pastime. Almost fabulous.

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