Escape from Ora by John Howe

Artist John Howe in his memoirs says that in their house on the wall of the living room hung a pencil drawing of the Castle of Schellon near Lake Geneva,

The city is on fire by John Howe

The paintings that have surrounded us since childhood, remain forever in our hearts. John Howe after many years visited the Castle of Schellon near Lake Geneva, which in his drawing

On the battle by John Howe

John Howe was born on August 21, 1957 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Currently, the artist lives in Switzerland. A year after the end of secondary school, the young man

A rider in the night by John Howe

As a child, John Howe purchased adventure books in paperback, and read them with a booze, Frank Frasett’s illustrations in his eyes acquired the status of divine worlds, which he

Ulmo by John Howe

The first year of training at the art school studio was for John, he said, like in a fog, he did not understand very well what and how to do,