History of Virginia by Sandro Botticelli

History of Virginia by Sandro Botticelli

“History of Virginia”, also known as “The Story of St. Virginia” – a picture with a dramatic plot, belonging to the brush of the Italian painter Sandro Botticelli. The work belongs to the late period of the artist’s work. The painting was performed in a manner characteristic of the early Renaissance period, and combines several scenes from left to right:

Virginia, who became the object of the passion of Senator Appiah Claudius, is attacked by his subordinate Tacitus, who is trying to persuade the girl to reciprocate with her adorer;

The girl refuses to live with

him of her own free will;

Tacitus forcibly leads Virginia to a trial under the chairmanship of Appius Claudius, where she is declared a slave;

For Virginia, the father and the bridegroom join in and cry out for justice;

The girl’s father, wishing to preserve the honor of the family, kills her daughter and embarks on a horseback on horseback.

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