Novella Boccaccio “Nastagio degli Onesti” second episode by Sandro Botticelli

Novella Boccaccio Nastagio degli Onesti second episode by Sandro Botticelli

Continuing to unfold the brutal and exciting narrative on the next panel, the artist portrayed the frightened Nastagio degli Onesti and the rider, who, dismounted, “lashed out like a rabid dog, at a girl, with a sword in his hand.”

In the right-hand corner of the composition, we see how hungry dogs devour her insides. In the background, the further development of the action is depicted. Rising, as if her body was not cut, the girl runs towards the sea, and again she is pursued by dogs and a man with a sword on a horse.

The master builds a story in the tradition of cassonie painting, placing

various elements of action and different episodes in the general space. It depicts a “romanticized” environment – a forest of pines with trunks reminiscent of jewelery processed products, the sky and water, its mirror-like surface, medieval castles and fortresses in the distance.

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