Herd, the passing bridge by Thomas Gainsborough

Herd, the passing bridge by Thomas Gainsborough

Most of Gainsborough’s drawings are landscape sketches, made by the artist, not so much as sketches for the future, the pictures, just as much for their own pleasure.

Preparatory drawings, he paid tribute only at the beginning of his creative path – sketching individual plants or other details that could be useful in further work. Very soon such sketches Gainsborough refused. Most often, the artist painted with a pencil or colored chalk.

In the last years of his life, he also began to experiment with pastel. He did not disdain Gainsborough and ink, and at times drew watercolors. The best drawings of the master are executed in the same manner as his paintings. They demonstrate his ability to transmit lighting effects and to focus the viewer’s attention on details.

Indicative in this respect is the pencil drawing of “Forest Speech.” Drawing Gainsborough engaged throughout his life. We even know a few painted portraits of his work.

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