Ghost of sexual attraction by Salvador Dali

Ghost of sexual attraction by Salvador Dali

The giant collapsing figure of the ‘Sexual Attraction’ standing on the shore and supported by supports is a not very pleasant sight, a ‘sexy nightmare’ – a more suitable name for this collection of parts of the human body, loosely attached to a torso twisted from bags and torn packaging.

The head of the figure merges with the rocks into a typical double image for Dali, and amputated and torn limbs allude to the act of cannibalism that happened here, a motif in the artist’s subconscious always closely related to sex.

According to the author’s explanation, the

boy in a sailor’s suit – himself Dali at the age of six, he holds a hoop in one hand, and in the other – a petrified penis. This same figure will appear after thirty-five years in the ‘Hallucinogenic Toreador’. The bay is a real place next to Kadak, which Dali probably knew from childhood.

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