Pieta (Pieta) by Salvador Dali

Pieta (Pieta) by Salvador Dali

The painting was written by Salvador Dali in 1987, two years before his death. After the death of his wife, the artist was in deep depression, from which he did not recover.

In his last paintings, the themes of mourning, mourning prevailed. “Pieta” is the mourning of Christ, a religious motif widespread in European art, which was addressed to many artists and sculptors, from Michelangelo to Durer. “Pieta” Dali – one of several of his paintings of a similar theme, written in the last years of life.

On it the figure of a woman is by no means the tender Virgin Mary, which

was depicted by Renaissance artists. The woman on canvas Dali is not young, massive, she has a rude peasant face. On her shoulder rests the head of the deceased. Their bodies are vaguely and half hidden by streams of water.

The picture is almost monochrome, there are no contrasting combinations characteristic for Dali: only dirty white, yellowish, a few ocher smears. A woman comes out of the waves and foam, and this is a bitter and terrible allusion to the “Birth of Aphrodite”: she brings out from the waters not her birth, but the death of her born.

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