Diana on the hunt by Marco Caroli

Diana on the hunt by Marco Caroli

The ancient Romans frankly engaged in borrowing, especially in relation to the conquered Greeks, from whom they took the alphabet, shaving beards, coinage, the pantheon of the gods. Almost all the Olympic gods of Hellas have received other names.

It was believed that the new gods were called upon to strengthen the power of the Roman Empire. The goddess of hunting Artemis began to be called Diana. And the name is no less known in the history of world artistic culture than the original version. In the picture of Marco Caroli senior, the main space is given to the evening landscape, which is full of peace and tranquility.

The terrain is clearly rocky, mountainous, but thickly grown trees make it attractive both for hunting and for recreation, for solitary walks. As the evening goes on, and the sun sets, the terrain gradually sinks into the half-darkness, and some details of the landscape can not be seen right away. However, an attentive connoisseur of painting, having looked narrowly, will easily find in the right lower corner either a deer or a roe deer. Well, therefore, Diana and her companions have a hunt for anyone!

The goddess herself, with a mania of the hand, points to an animal that seeks to hide rather quickly, and instructs the boy, as well as the dogs, to take the trail. In the distance, against the background of the sunset, the columns of the temple can be seen. It may very well be that the Athenian Acropolis is meant.

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