Place de la Concorde by Edgar Degas

This picture is an important milestone in the development of not only French, but also European painting of the XIX century, primarily because before it anything similar from the point

Hair combing by Edgar Degas

“Combing the hair” – a painting written in the late period of creativity, and when it was created, the artist used several sketches, as well as one of the works

Rehearsal by Edgar Degas

“They call me a painter of dancers,” Degas wrote. He really turned to this topic, and his early masterpiece “Rehearsal” allows you to appreciate all the uniqueness of the images

Woman at the toilet by Edgar Degas

Painting Woman at the toilet The Hermitage holds one of the best “pastel” works of the master – “The combing woman” or “Woman behind the toilet”. A young girl sitting

Taz Bath by Edgar Degas

The nude body became more often depicted Degas with the advent of the 1880s. The pastel “Taz” was written in 1886, and it depicts a girl who seemed not at

Abduction by Edgar Degas

The well-known “Interior” is the artist’s most theatrical composition, depicting a man and a partially naked woman. The plot of the scene remains a mystery. The analysis by the scientists