Cotton Trade Office in New Orleans by Edgar Degas

Cotton Trade Office in New Orleans by Edgar Degas

While in America, Degas made an opening for himself, that only after living in the country for a long period, one can study the customs of the people, “his charm”. Only after that, you can take up the writing of pictures, otherwise, from his words, instead of art you will get an “illustrated world”.

For a while, the artist stopped making sketches and sketches, but then broke this installation by drawing a picture of the “Cotton Trade Office in New Orleans”.

Despite the fact that the plot looks spontaneous, Degas does not change himself: there is not a single superfluous detail, and each character occupies a position carefully selected by the artist. “Dressing” employees of the office in the background in black clothes, it turned out to create a vivid contrast and it seems that the figures seem to come out of the picture.

The canvas depicts Edgar’s uncle and brothers – business people engaged in trade. It is the artist’s brothers that are sealed in idle poses, but they peeped here for a moment, resting a little, they will again have to start daily routine work.

A clear rhythm of the composition is achieved due to the alternation of contrasting black and white colors, and is a living picture, snatched from everyday life.

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