Dangerous Lesson by Rene Magritte

Dangerous Lesson by Rene Magritte

One of the outstanding artists of the last century is Rene Magritte. His early work is tied to cubism and Dadaism, but in 1925 the whole creative path of the artist changes. Magritte moved to Paris – “center of surrealism.” His further paintings are now inextricably linked with this trend. In his paintings, objects and characters remain unchanged, but Magritte presents everything depicted as a metaphor, a kind of puzzle that needs to be solved.

The artist in his paintings talks about the deceitfulness of the visible, about the mystery that a person does not notice. The poetic names of his paintings are not always associated with the image, as it seems at first glance. So Magritte emphasizes the significance of his works. The purpose of art, according to the artist, should contribute to magical surprise, and the poetic connection between the name and the picture helps in this. The picture “Dangerous lesson” also has hidden content.

The image of a young naked girl holding a mirror appears in front of the viewer. In the mirror, you can see the reflection of her beautiful body, only from the back. The first thing that catches your eye is an unusual reflection that cannot be in reality. The artist represents the girl as if at once from all sides. You can see the difference between a real girl and her reflection. The girl holds a mirror, which means her hands are located on the frame, and in reflection she covers her naked body with her hands.

In the reflection, there is no falling shadow, and outside the mirror surface the shadow is underlined very clearly. One gets the feeling that this is an image of two opposites struggling with each other in this young woman – emancipation and modesty. Or maybe a reflection is an ethereal spirit that does not cast shadows. Magritte in the picture took into account the perspective in the reflection, because in the mirror everything reflected is smaller. Remains a mystery in the title. Perhaps it is about human life, which, like a fragile mirror in the hands of a girl, can break at any moment and only memories will remain, like a fleeting reflection in the mirror surface.

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