Blue Dancers by Edgar Degas

Blue Dancers by Edgar Degas

“Blue Dancers» – painting by French impressionist painter Edgar Degas, written in 1897.

The work refers to the late stage of creativity by Edgar Degas, when his eyesight weakened and he began to work large color spots, giving priority decorative surface of the painting company. Subjects dancers was very close to the artist, and has been repeated in pastels, oil painting and drawing.

According to some critics beautiful color harmony and composition solution painting “Blue Dancers” can be regarded as the best embodiment of this theme in Degas, who won in this picture limit wealth of texture and color combinations.


Ballet has become one of the favorite subjects of Degas, to which he kept returning to his work. However, unlike many of his contemporaries, the artist draws no colorful festival of theater and prose secret life. “Blue Dancers” can show sketches of the same ballerina: she’s tying pointe, then straightens dress, examining his suit holding on to the edge of the scenery.

United within a single sheet, the usual movement suddenly turned into a beautiful dance; before our eyes is born the magic of the theater and the magic of painting. Through the use of pastels, in the work of Degas is possible to achieve an amazing wealth of textures and color combinations. Small strokes-strokes fall in different directions, connecting to the sonorous streams spilling blue shadows or reflections of light on the dancers hair.

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