Azure grotto by Ivan Aivazovsky

Azure grotto by Ivan Aivazovsky

Looking at this picture, I want to hold my breath – it blows from such a mystery, some unknownness, an expectation of unusual… Winds, water and time in the rock formed a grotto, in which several entrances to the caves are visible. Right from the sea on the boat to the grotto came curious – whether the fishermen, or satisfy their interest…

In the opening on the right, another boat is visible, in it a man lit a torch and looked at something on the wall of the cave, perhaps some ancient images. In the depths of the grotto, a stream of bright sunlight poured through the hole in the rock,

illuminated part of the grotto and ran a luminous path along the surface of the water.

With great skill the artist conveyed the ribbed rocks, the transparency of the water and the smooth transitions from darkness to dim light and to bright sunspots. Gamma shades of blue, blue, violet enhance the sense of mystery…

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