With bayonets! Hooray! Hooray! by Vasily Vereshchagin

With bayonets! Hooray! Hooray! by Vasily Vereshchagin

Winter again, and again the French army, captured in the picture Vereshchagin. What did these once brave soldiers lack that they came to die on Russian soil? An artist loyal to himself showed that, even with a very small detachment, the Russians rush into battle, defending their homeland. They have nowhere to retreat, for their struggle.

Painting “With bayonets! Hooray! Hooray!” written so naturally that it seems that the author himself was there and heard the conscript generals take up bayonets. And in response loudly sounded ready to fight a dashing “Hooray!!!”. And from all sides the frantic men rushed mad with the desire to defeat the Russian soldiers who drove the enemy, and at every opportunity attacked him. The creator so clearly and vividly conveyed on the canvas the smallest details, that the audience also hears cries, and sees a rapid movement. That’s what impressions I have from the picture. I’m like one of the Russian soldiers who hid behind a shaggy branch and waited for the approach of the French and the commander’s cry. Now I am ready to rush forward with my brother-soldiers with shouts of “hurray”.

The Napoleonic army already suffered enough in battle, from hunger and from the unexpected frosts. It is not like the one that had recently walked along the same road, plundered and, from a sense of superiority, forgot about precautions. She did not notice her main enemy – winter. And in the end, wandering about now, losing his looted “good”, and the remnants of courage. They do not have the strength to carry heavy weapons, bury the dead, and even resist. But the Russian soldiers firmly occupy the conquered territories and are full of strength and vigor. Now they understand why Kutuzov had to retreat, often saving his troops due to shameful defeats. He lured Napoleon into a trap! And now he reaps the laurels of victories, generously sharing with the others.

Lessons that I noticed for myself. First, do not underestimate the enemy. Secondly, take into account all the nuances, planning grandiose cases. And, thirdly, do not be afraid of small losses, followed by a great victory!

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