On the big road by retreat, flight… – Vasily Vereshchagin

On the big road by retreat, flight...   Vasily Vereshchagin

The nature that surrounds us sometimes is thousands of times more beautiful than anything that is created by the hands of humanity. It is this contrast of the attractiveness of nature and the repulsive contempt of the human race that can be seen in the work of V. V. Vereshchagin “On the Great Road – Retreat, Flight…”. How does the picture motivate you to think about the consequences and think before you want to do something?

I want to share my impressions of Vereshchagin’s work VV, to tell the feelings and experiences that have come over me, to convey a lesson that I understood by reflecting. First of all, I will describe the picture. Before the spectator appears a wide road, along which there is a column of soldiers dressed in an old military French uniform. Along the road lies “garbage”. This is primarily the corpses of people, horses, parts of wagons, uniforms, weapons… Immediately remember the words of the classic, where he writes that everything was mixed up. Indeed, it looks all sad. It is especially sad from the realization that it is time to spend your friends in the last way, to give them the last honor, having buried them in the grave, there is no time.

Everyone is in a hurry to save their lives. Run! They are not up to sentimentality and not to fulfill their duty even to those who have only recently stood side by side with them. This army once counted on some victories, planned a swift march across Europe. And now she is forced to leave Russia at an even more speed, almost jogging.

Russian troops forced the army of Napoleon to follow the same path that they had managed to rob with their looting. They have nothing to profit from here. Therefore, frozen, hungry, torn apart by long battles and unattractive climate, they wander barely alive. Ahead of his army is their commander, who allowed this disgusting position for them. Without thinking to the end, he arrogantly subjected his subordinates to harassment and shame in this country and in his homeland. Their troubles are just beginning here.

Accompany these unfortunate people birds, whether in anticipation of prey, or symbolically the artist showed on what device everyone should hope to come to this country with bad intentions. Nature, which decided to disguise the consequences of this event, covered the snow with the disgrace of the Napoleonic army. The sky joyfully sang in the blue. The sun lit the pink birch-covered snow with a pink light. Why they looked like burning candles. A holiday for a Russian person and the nature of the Russian land!

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