At the fortress wall. Let them come in by Vasily Vereshchagin

At the fortress wall. Let them come in by Vasily Vereshchagin

In some sources, it is reported that Vereshchagin was invited to Turkestan, at the time when the military actions were going on, to create a military chronicle in the painting. What would the people be able to see with their own eyes and experience the seriousness of the event. Vereshchagin managed not only to witness the events, but also to take part in military battles. The artist was even awarded the St. George Cross, for the manifested feats and courage in defending the fortress.

In his series of paintings devoted to the events taking place in Turkestan, a special place is highlighted by the painting “At the Fortress Wall Let It Come In,” which he wrote in 1871. The main heroes of this picture are an army of Russian soldiers. We see that the fortress wall is a little destroyed. Russian soldiers are waiting for the enemy to appear. It seems that a little more and on the height of the fortress will appear bold enemies.

As far as I know, Russian soldiers were in fear and constant tension, because their numbers were noticeably lower than the number of enemy soldiers. In the eyes of each soldier you can read the fear of death, and the inevitable defeat. But everyone is standing up to the last, no one has been scared and has not backed down. They are firmly set, to hold on to the last, even at the cost of their own lives.

Vereshchagin depicts a bright sunny day with bright colors, he has a very realistic way of conveying the vastness of the fields, the half-ruined wall of the fortress and the blue sky. Looking at the picture, you can feel how fresh the air was that day, or feel like a hero, take a position next to one of the warriors and be in battle with support and help. In each of his paintings, which the author dedicated to the war, he sings songs of praise, heroism and without the rejection of the Russian army, and the cruelty of the rulers who gave commands about the offensive.

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