Visit by Peter de Hoch

Visit by Peter de Hoch

He painted most of the life of the painting with scenes of burgher life, Peter De Hoch was one of those who are called “small Dutch”. The themes of his works are usually simple – the hostess talks with the servant, the mother feeds the child, the friends play cards. In the painting “Visit” the artist, presenting a scene from everyday life in his favorite interior of a typical Dutch house, unfolded a certain plot. It is interesting that the lower half of the window is shuttered, which means that the owners want something to hide from prying eyes.

The man who came to visit, holds

the hand of the hostess, who, smiling, looks into his eyes. The speech between them most likely was about matchmaking or a pleasant meeting, and the question was resolved by mutual consent. The maid spills the wine to celebrate the event, another guest says something joyfully to her. The color of this picture is based on a combination of muted interior tones and bright clothes – red, blue, yellow and white. In the attire of the guest, white, golden-yellow and deep black came together, which De Hoh often used.

The man sits on a blue pillow, the color of which, combined with yellow and white, is often found in the works of Vermeer Delftsky. From this contemporary, and went to de Hox love for the delicate use of bright colors and daylighting of interiors in canvases.

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