Verl-altar by Robert Kampen

Verl altar by Robert Kampen

On the right leaf – reading Saint Barbara. She is shown sitting in a cozy room of a burgher house. Outside the window, in the background of the landscape, is the tower and scene of her martyrdom. The reception of the connection in one work of different episodes, plot related to the main character of the work, was characteristic of the Dutch painting of the XV century.

In the foreground of work is a blond girl with a slightly cheeky, broad face, completely immersed in reading; carefully poured the flowing folds of her luxurious apparel. Surprisingly authentic interior of the room with polished furniture, remarkably transferred the texture of surrounding objects.

The fire in the fireplace burns an even, soft flame, on the mantels there are expensive transparent vases, on the small chest of drawers a metal jug and wash basin gleam with metal. Increasing the feeling of comfort and tranquility, on a low table by the window in the vase is a lonely iris flower.

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