Triptych of Merode. Left wing by Robert Kampen

Triptych of Merode. Left wing by Robert Kampen

On the left wing there is a man and woman watching miraculously, who came home and opened the door. The man bared his head, and the woman holds the rosary in prayer-folded hands. A bearded man in the background of the left wing is a bailiff with the emblem of the city of Mechelen on his chest.

Peter Engelbrecht ordered the work before his wedding, he could initially have other ideas for the plot. The woman there is probably Gretgin Shrinmehers. However, the female coat of arms in the window is similar to that of Peter’s second wife – Heilfich Bille from Breda. And that there is an image of the

wife from the first marriage in the picture, there is nothing unusual for that time.

A small figure of St. Christopher can hint at the desire to have children: in Greek, Christopher means “carrying Christ.” But the reason for the image of the Mechelen bailiff remains unclear.

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