Three Women by Akhmat Lutfullin

Three Women by Akhmat Lutfullin

This artist was recognized as one of the famous Bashkir artists, he is not the only one who tried to convey to his fans through his paintings, love not only for his homeland, but also love for his people. Many critics claim that the best picture of him that conveys all these feelings is the Three Women, which Lutfullin wrote in 1969.

In this picture, the artist painted three women, who are dressed in national costumes, as if the artist had caught them at the tea ceremony. The situation in the room where these women are not rich, but judging by the food, it can be said that women are depicted as peasant women. This is evidenced by tea, bread and milk. It seems to us that this is a small snack. And now they will rise and continue to continue to do their household chores. My attention was attracted not by the costumes of these women or even the poor food situation. It seemed to me appealing themselves depicted. In my opinion, they symbolize generation.

In the foreground, the artist depicted the oldest of women, very wise and fair. She is in my opinion already a grandmother. To her right, most likely her daughter is standing, she has already seen a lot, but she still has a lot to see. And on the left is the very young, she is the granddaughter of the oldest woman. she is depicted in my opinion an innocent one who has not yet experienced difficulties in life. No wonder the artist next to her painted a flower. He seems to be comparing this girl with an unblown flower, sometimes stupid in some moments and not even experienced in most situations of life.

Outside, the artist painted the landscape, the young guys ride bicycles and it seems that life has not stopped, it continues to go further, and generations will replace each other. Koda and this young girl will first become a mother, and then a wise grandmother, with her life experience.

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