The snake tamer – Leopold Bershtam

The snake tamer   Leopold Bershtam

Bernshtam, Leopold Adolfovich, is a sculptor-portraitist. He was born in 1859 in Riga, studied first at the sculpture professor D. I. Jensen, then attended the drawing school of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts in St. Petersburg. and classes of the Imperial Academy of Arts. Since 1885, Mr.. lives in Paris and is in charge of the artistic part in the Greven Museum.

His fame was created by busts of portraits of representatives of literature, science and art: in Russia – Pushkin, Fonvizin, Dostoevsky, Goncharov, AG Rubinshtein, etc.; in France – Flaubert, Renan, Zola, Koppe, Ambroise Tom, Halevy, and others.

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