The Dresden Altar by Albrecht Durer

The Dresden Altar by Albrecht Durer

The famous three-leaved “Dresden Altar” was written by Dürer for the Wittenberg Palace Church. The middle part of the triptych is Mary and the Child. The Virgin, reminiscent of Italian images, restrained, almost stern, bent in a prayerful posture over the sleeping Jesus. Next to the baby, the book is a symbol of Holy Scripture, and the pear is a symbol of original sin.

The side panels depict Saint Anthony and Saint Sebastian, patron saint of plague patients, “anthony fire”, etc. During this period, plague often raged in Germany, taking thousands of lives.

Colorful gamut is

laconic, blue and white colors prevail. It seems that quiet soft music penetrates into the silence of the room with the angels. Here, Dürer also uses new artistic means, which he perceived while traveling to Italy – the country of the Renaissance, although the style of the painting is still quite northern, German.

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